Why FCF Fire and Electrical?

Licenced Electrical Contractors and qualified Exit and Emergency Lighting installers, maintainers and certifiers offering quality products and value for money services to its customers.

See why FCF Fire & Electrical are leaders in the fire and electrical fields.

  • With locations Australia wide, you can be confident that our licenced electricians and qualified technicians will provide Exit and Emergency Lighting system design, installation, certification and ongoing testing & maintenance services to meet your individual requirements.
  • With access to a range of reliable and quality products through our network of manufacturers and suppliers we can supply Exit and Emergency Lighting that best suits your business, building or premises.
  • We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business that started in regional Queensland and has expanded into other states and regional centres.

By offering a different model to the standard fire company, FCF Fire & Electrical has improved the industry by offering:

  • Providing free online fire extinguisher training at our site¬†firetrainingonline.fcfnational.com.auduring Covid to help all Australian businesses. Ends 1st of July 2022, with thousands of Australians utilizing the free period.
  • Lowering the cost of evacuation plans and diagrams.¬†fireevacdiagrams.fcfnational.com.au.
  • Having local business owners or managers at each location, to ensure timely customer service and local knowledge.

Jacob Foster began FCF Fire & Electrical in 2008, weeks prior to the GFC, and built a successful business providing great pricing and service with the correct knowledge.

Find out more about Jacob at www.firesafetyfranchise.com.au