Emergency Evacuation Light Maintenance

At FCF Fire and Electrical, we adhere to Exit and Emergency Lighting standards for inspection and maintenance.

We work to the AS 2293.2 which dictates the following testing procedures and intervals:

  • All Emergency Lights and Exit Signs must be inspected at least once every 6 months.
  • Inspection & cleaning of fittings and reflective surfaces must occur every 12 months.
  • 6 monthly inspections include lamp tests and replacements, as well as a 90-minute discharge test.

Are all Exit Lights the same price?

Like any electronic item found at a retail store or an electrical wholesaler, the consumer will find a range of brands, quality and prices for exit or Emergency Lights.

Normally the choice of Exit Light is made by the electrician who is installing the lights in the building, however, it is generally the fire company electricians and technicians that have a higher focus, knowledge and skill set within the fire safety industry including the requirements surrounding Exit and Emergency Lighting.

The choice your installer makes is generally based on a few criteria and a few questions the building owner should consider:

  1. Is the installer looking to retain you as along term client?
  2. Then they would typically go for a quality product as failures before or shortly after the standard 12 month warranty point would make them look bad, these units would typically be of a higher price but they would last longer and are value for money.
  3. Is the installer simply looking to make the best possible profit margin for the job?
  4. Then the installer will select the light that returns the most money back into their pocket but not provide the customer with a quality and/or reliable product.
  5. Is the installer interested in what else can be of benefit to himself or the customer?
  6. Some manufacturers and suppliers of Exit and Emergency Lights entice installers to buy their products with offers of free items if they buy in bulk, for example, “A free esky with every 10 lights purchased”.
  7. An installer that is not looking to pass on any benefits to the customer will likely take up this offer.

FCF Fire and Electrical is not interested in the free offers or using inferior products, rather it works closely with the manufacturers and the suppliers of Exit and Emergency Lighting to ensure that they can offer value for money services to its customers by using quality products, passing on cost savings and offering extended warranties on products.