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Exit and Emergency Lighting is found in nearly every commercial building in some shape or form – read more


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Do I need Emergency Lighting?

Typically, we see buildings renovated and the Exit and Emergency Lighting left to electricians, who often have no Emergency and Exit Lighting training to install and unfortunately in many cases they simply guess the light locations where the exit and Emergency lights are required.


What types of Emergency light is there?

Commonly there are two main types of Exit Lights used in buildings, one that simply uses the word EXIT and the other which is referred to as the “Running Man” which depicts a person moving through an exit door.


Where do I put them?

Every building is normally different in building class, type and layout and just placing an Exit Sign above a door does not make the building compliant.


Is my Exit and Emergency Lighting broken?

Our certifiers have seen many examples of Emergency and Exit Lighting systems that fall way below the requirements for the design and installation set out in AS 2293.1 and do not meet the requirements of AS 2293.2 for Inspection and maintenance.



Choosing a local fire service business to inspect, maintain and install your fire equipment means that our name is our brand. FCF local operators hold our heads high, as we do an incredible job, and want to be able to walk down the main street with our heads held high. In our industry, price, service, and the right advice, makes all the difference. With our technicians attending monthly ongoing professional training, means that we understand your businesses requirements. Our word is our brand and servicing your businesses fire requirements is our passion.


We reward you for staying fire compliant. Each year receive free help to stay on top of your state legislation requirements.  All staff receive free online fire training tokens just for joining FCF. As the years roll on, expect to also see free evacuation diagrams, legislation updates and more.


FCF Fire & Electrical operates across Australia, contact your local manager..

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Our Fire Service Technicians can Service and train staff to meet AS2444 requirements with Fire Extinguishers


We can help make sure your building has the correct signage and emergency exit lighting as to conform with Australian Standards AS1319/AS2293


We have various online fire training courses including the latest VR Training which has 30 plus scenarios


We can test and tag electrical items to the AS3760 standard; an important part of ensuring that your business meets Workplace Health and Safety Regulations


We can help you make sure you comply with Australian Standard AS3786; location and requirements for Smoke Alarms


We are a certified provider, and can provide 24/7 fault finding


FCF have been providing Fire Equipment Servicing and Test & Tag to our company for 9 months. What begun as a solution to a problem in North Queensland has quickly evolved into a solid working relationship down the eastern sea board of Australia. The support office are efficient and happy to work with us to meet our clients needs and the service techs who arrive on site are professional, punctual and thorough in the work they do. We have no hesitation in recommending FCF to any company large or small who require Fire Servicing and test And Tagging done.

Joel Blomhoff

We have found FCF to be professional and courteous organisation. The staff have always performed a stellar job and have arrived on schedule and within our expected time frames allowing the organisation to be confident knowing we are compliant with all related regulations.

Greg WhiteleySuncare

Over many years with multiple clients we have relied on FCF to be a key part in ensuring that state and national clients' needs are met. The team always delivers and could only recommend using FCF to clients and anyone needing coverage to help with client's needs.

Gino Dal Broi

FCF Fire and Electrical have been the Maintenance Provider for the Fire Protection Equipment and Systems across the multiple different buildings at Torbay Lifestyles & Care Ltd over the past five years.

During this time FCF have been able to significantly reduces the number of unwanted false alarms in these buildings by being proactive in offering appropriate advice and support. Examples of this advice and support included the development of cleaning schedules for Smoke Detectors in areas prone to dust ingress and insects.

FCF has also carried out upgrades to the Fire Detection Systems in majority of Torbay's many buildings. During this process they ensured that in early stages of design, careful consideration was given to the choice of Detector, to ensure they reflect the environments in which they were being installed.
All this work by FCF has helped Torbay to reduce our overall costs of Fire Brigade attendances.

Malcolm Johnstone, Chief Executive OfficerTorbay Lifestyles & Care Ltd

About Exit Emergency Lighting..

Emergency Exit Lighting is an essential safety feature in any building, whether it be a commercial or residential space. It provides illumination and direction to help occupants evacuate safely during a power outage or other emergency situations. The most recognizable component of Emergency Exit Lighting is the emergency exit sign, which is usually illuminated and positioned above or beside the exit doors. These signs guide occupants to the nearest exit, indicating the direction of travel with an arrow or other symbol. The letters “EXIT” are usually displayed prominently on the sign, making it easily recognizable in low light or smoky conditions.
Emergency Exit Lighting also includes other types of emergency lighting such as fire lights, which are designed to indicate the location of fire extinguishers or other firefighting equipment. Additionally, there are exit lights that use LED strobe lights or rechargeable emergency lights to provide bright and long-lasting illumination. Some exit signs even come with lights built-in, known as an “exit sign with lights”. Green exit signs are the most common type of exit sign used in the United States, as they provide excellent contrast and are easily recognized from a distance.
In Australia, Emergency Exit Lighting systems must comply with the AS2293 standard, which outlines the requirements for emergency lighting and exit signs. This standard includes regulations for the placement of emergency exit signs, the type and brightness of lighting, and the duration of illumination during an emergency. By following this standard, building owners can ensure that their Emergency Exit Lighting system is reliable and effective.
In addition to meeting safety regulations, Emergency Exit Lighting can also provide a sense of security to occupants during normal operating conditions. Having reliable safety lighting, such as LED emergency lights, in parking lots or stairwells can make occupants feel safer and more confident while navigating the building. Overall, Emergency Exit Lighting is a crucial safety feature that can save lives in an emergency situation.