Exit and Emergency Lighting Certifiers Licence

At FCF Fire and Electrical we have been installing and servicing Exit and Emergency Lighting for what can seem like a lifetime and when the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) introduced the requirement for a separate licence for the Installation, Testing and Certification of Exit and Emergency Lighting in Queensland, FCF jumped at the opportunity to be recognised as an Exit and Emergency Lighting Certifiers Licence company under the new QBCC Fire Stream Licence regulations.

How does this licence apply to buildings?

As buildings are built or when businesses expand, renovate, or change the building layout the Exit Lighting and Emergency pathways need to be defined and using a qualified certifier allows compliance to the building regulations during the building phase or as the building layout changes.

The QBCC Exit and Emergency Lighting licence allows competent people who are properly trained to assess the exit pathways for the buildings classification and consider obstacles within the building such as racking, machinery, storage areas, etc when designing Exit and emergency Lighting installations.

Many people aren’t aware of a lights actual coverage or the illumination levels (lux) that’s required to meet Exit and Emergency Lighting requirements, hence why a specific licence was created by the QBCC for this work.

FCF Fire and Electrical can undertake the design, installation, commissioning, certification and servicing of Exit and Emergency Lighting systems.

For more information on Exit and Emergency Lighting please visit: fcfnational.com.au.